Once you have met with Dr. Ridgway, preparation for your surgery will begin. He will take a very detailed medical history of your past as well as perform any of the necessary tests to ensure you’re fit for the procedure. Once this is completed, he will answer all of your questions and concerns as well as provide you with thorough preoperative instructions.

Do your best to follow any advice given prior to your surgery to help ensure the best results and minimize any complications.

Things to Avoid and Do Before Surgery:

  • Cessation of smoking 6 weeks prior to surgery to help promote good wound healing and reduce scarring of incisions. Smoking can also increase other complications during surgery.
  • Staying Hydrated. This is crucial both prior and after your procedure.
  • Avoid non-steroidal anti-inflammation medications such as Advil, Motrin, Aleve, etc. as these can increase the amount a bleeding during your Seattle facelift surgery.

What You can expect on the Day of Your Facelift Surgery?

  • You will receive medications during your procedure to help keep you comfortable.
  • Local anesthesia combined with sedation is commonly used during a facelift surgery, though general anesthesia can also be used instead.
  • Facelift surgery does require several hours to complete, and when combined with other procedures it can take even longer.
  • During your surgery, for your safety, various monitors will be hooked up to you in order to check your heart rate, blood pressure, pulse, and amount of oxygen circulating.
  • Dr. Ridgway will follow any surgical plan that you and he had discussed prior to the surgery. It is important to Dr. Ridgway that you feel completely comfortable.
  • Your incisions will most likely be covered with a bulky bandage which will provide gentle pressure to help minimize swelling and bruising.
  • You may choose to go home on the day of surgery. You will not be permitted to go home alone.

Post Surgery Tips:

  • Be sure your house is stocked with a lot of vegetables, fruits, and lean protein. These will help with the recovery of your wound healing. Try and avoid as much sodium as you can as it will cause inflammation. Soft foods are recommended for you first 1-3 days after your surgery.
  • Prepare your wardrobe with easy accessible clothing. Loose fit and shirt that open in the front are recommended.
  • Prepare you living space, be sure to have many pillows to help prop your head up and keep it elevated.
  • Be sure to get a lot of rest and do not plan on doing any housework, lifting, or exercise. Try to avoid hot showers, jacuzzis and saunas for at least two to three weeks, as these can produce inflammation.

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