For many out there, surgery can be an intimidating endeavor. Potential patients looking for insight into the rhinoplasty recovery process will find this post useful.

Once you have been cleared to leave the hospital and your nose has been placed in a splint and bandage, it’s imperative that you treat your reconstructed nose delicately. The nasal structure is considerably more fragile following surgery, so actions such as blowing your nose or other strenuous activities would be ill-advised. Any shift or jarring to the area could potentially disrupt the healing process.

A key part of rhinoplasty recovery is staying away from work for at least 10 days after the procedure. Because of the bandages and expected swelling around the area, eyewear, helmets and other head accessories might be difficult to utilize during that time.

Depending upon the specific procedure, it may take up to a year for all the nasal tissues to fully heal and settle. Once the entirety of the swelling has subsided, you’ll be able to see your new, improved nose.

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